Field Guides for Ecologists (FGE or "fi·ji·") is an online platform of notes, guides, documents and resources written by ecologists on doing things computational and quantitative in ecological research. Example topics covered by FGE include IBMs, SDMs, R, python, Bayesian statistics, UNIX, git, GLMs, MCMC, reproducibility, package creation and distribution, parallel computing, autocorrelation, meta-analyses .... and more!

A guide to guides

Guides are written by contributors and stored in our GitHub repository. The documents are parsed and displayed on this website with proper attribution and links to related guides. See the index for a full list of currently available guides (and their status).

A guide to guides

How it works

We take contributions from anyone on our GitHub /docs repository. These can be corrections, additions or new documents. These are then processed by volunteers called doc-keepers, who will accept your changes. A site-keeper will then upload the changes to this website.

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